Written by Frederick Nolan & Directed by Andrew A. Wilkinson
Duration: 35 minutes
(English language, no subtitles)

Interview with Frederick Nolan
Duration: 85 minutes
(All features are in English Language, subtitles unavailable)

The story of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War has become an American legend, and there have been movie versions by the dozen based on his short and violent life. But somehow or other the movies always get it wrong. That's why there has never been a definitive Billy the Kid movie.

"Birth of a Legend" is a story of the old West. The Santa Fe Ring plotting death as casually as smoking a cigar; John Chisum staring death in the face as he tells a young newspaperman how it all began. An Englishman John Tunstall, riding unwittingly to his sudden, brutal death on a lonely mountainside, and Billy the Kid, standing at his friend’s graveside and vowing to hunt down and kill the men who murdered him......